Aliya Shecter, Research Associate

Bell Oaks Research Associate, Aliya Shecter, conducts the critical upfront research in order to identify candidates and target companies for each search.

Aliya graduated from Wesleyan University with a Bachelor of Arts in Religion. Prior to Bell Oaks, Aliya was an Imports Specialist and Training Coordinator for Star Asia International, an NVOCC Freight Forwarder. While working in logistics, Aliya gained experience with complex CRM and database management. As the Training Coordinator, Aliya enjoyed the process of shaping new talent into successful working teams.

In her free time, Aliya likes to engage in political volunteering, find new running trails, and attend local events in the arts. She is a member of the Georgia Conservancy, an organization that works to protect Georgia's land through projects that promote sustainable growth and stewardship.

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