Brokerage Firm Palmer & Cay Equipped for Growth with Multiple VP-Level Placements

See how Bell Oaks Partner Patrick O’Halloran and the team tackled and nailed 4 high-level placements for this firm.

Objective: A Quest for Several Critical Senior Production Talent Roles

Palmer & Cay is a 150-year-old-plus, independent and privately-owned insurance brokerage firm specializing in middle market casualty and employee benefits for a wide swath of industries. The company has Savannah family roots and is currently headquartered in Atlanta, with five more offices in the southeast and Manhattan. It was time to strategically invest in several new high-level production talents in Atlanta who would have the previous expertise to add immediate value by jumping in to build on their client base. Equally important was the ability of any candidates to meld with their focused culture of passionate, technical people who want to provide more personal service to their clients than they might experience at a larger company.

Initially, the company thought they might locate candidates on their own, but considering the number of roles and how critical they were to the present and future of the company decided to get professional help through a search partner.

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