Case Study: Strategic New CFO Opens Growth Opportunities for Family-Run Company RefrigiWear

Find out how Todd Warshaw and the Bell Oaks team successfully found RefrigiWear’s new CFO, fitting in with their family dynamics, people-centric culture, and goals for strategically accelerating the company’s future growth.

Objective: On the Inside Looking Out for a New CFO

RefrigiWear is a 65-plus-year-old, privately-owned company providing innovative gear for workers in cold weather or other extreme temperature conditions. The company had transitioned its longtime family leaders to positions on the Board and day-to-day operations to their successors, and they needed a strong CFO who would complete their restructuring and blueprint plans for moving forward in the business market. For this family-run company, bringing in another leader from the outside was a necessary but big decision, and they knew consulting with a search expert would be their best bet for a role so critical to the future of the company.

The new CFO would need to possess the business acumen to help the company excel in growth strategy and also fit well into their existing dynamics and size. RefrigiWear’s culture is team-oriented and people-centric, and the new leader would need to embody their non-hierarchical value system of putting their own people on the same level as customers. Bell Oaks came highly recommended in a referral, and RefrigiWear vetted them against other firms and felt they were the best choice to find just the right leader.

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