Call2Recycle: 3 Successful Searches in 12 Months Unearth Perfect Fits for Environmental Non-Profit

Objective: Deliver Exceptional Talent to Implement Organizational Changes

Call2Recycle is an Atlanta-based non-profit dedicated to the safe collection, transportation, and recycling of end-of-life batteries across the US, based on a stewardship model to provide the funding for operations. When the rising costs of recycling began to outpace the funding model, the organization restructured its mandate to include fee-based services to generate revenue. This meant they would need to strategically place new Program Manager roles in three of their locations (northeast, midwest, and west) to integrate this major change and successfully continue their mission.

These roles required a complex – and rare – hybrid of understanding the Call2Recycle culture, a personal match in commitment to the environment and doing the right thing, and the practical ability to meet the necessary metrics and sales goals required to operate. Having already trusted Bell Oaks for over 10 years as a recruitment partner, they consulted the firm again to find and place the first Program Manager role. The fit was such a success that they could easily justify quickly moving onto the next when it became apparent it was needed urgently, followed by the third shortly thereafter.

Process: Source from a Thorough Understanding of Hard-to-Find Requirements

Bell Oaks needed to discover versatile Program Managers whose sales strategies would be led with diplomacy rather than ego, who could communicate and connect with municipalities, executives, non-profits, retailers, and consumers alike while staying well-versed in technical collection regulations. The firm already had an environment-centric pool of candidates from which to pull, sourced others throughout the country, and interviewed a strong candidate Call2Recycle had in mind for one of the locations. All steps for two of the positions were conducted completely virtually.

“Bell Oaks really shined in how quickly they understood what we needed in mission-driven but technical salespeople,” says Shane Thompson, Managing Director, Services and Solutions. “Lisa and Eric are extremely professional, have good networks, really listen, and provide a comprehensive view with constant strategy. Bell Oaks is a very responsive firm, both to us and to candidates, and there are never any gaps in information flow between our weekly call and keeping all parties updated via their portal.”

Results: Three Locations Now Set to Carry the Organization Into Updated Model

Vetting and validation of the candidates went beyond a wink and nod; Bell Oaks interviewed and put together assessments, then other people within Call2Recycle talked with selected candidates who had been narrowed down from the slate, followed by a final cultural assessment with the CEO. In the end, there was an organization-wide consensus of being very impressed that Bell Oaks had found just the right talent for each location over the 12-month period. Even for the location which Call2Recycle had a candidate already in mind, Bell Oaks found the perfect alternative so much so that they let go of the idea and ecstatically moved forward.

“For over a decade, we have trusted Bell Oaks with numerous searches because they take the time to learn first about Call2Recycle, our culture, and team dynamics, and the position requirements second,” says Linda Gabor, Executive Vice President, External Relations. “In our experience, Bell Oaks’ recruitment strategy isn’t simply about presenting a robust slate of candidates quickly, but has proven to be attracting and delivering only the most qualified candidates.”


“Call2Recycle has repeatedly turned to Bell Oaks for our search needs because they deliver not only highly qualified candidates who exceed the position and skillset requirements but who can contribute and thrive in a mission-driven culture. Leading with a learning mindset, they continue to successfully adapt and deliver on Call2Recycle’s evolving hiring needs.”

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