EWTN: Largest Religious Media Network Hires Key Leadership Role

Objective: Source the Ideal VP for Revenue-Generating Position

EWTN is the largest religious media company in the world, consisting of 11 networks broadcast in multiple languages 24-7 to over 268 million television households in more than 145 countries and territories. With unlimited potential to increase fundraising, the organization methodically planned an important hire to lead advancement.

The Vice President for Mission Advancement role is more than a typical development job, however; it meant finding that right combination of faith, fundraising acumen, and strategic leadership…criteria that could not be compromised. “Bell Oaks was completely in tune with our mission and dug in to fully understand our culture,” says Patricia Connolly, Vice President of Human Resources.

Process: A Broad Search with Particularly Specific Standards

As the search was a unique opportunity that needed to be shared both broadly and within Catholic networks, EWTN wanted an executive search firm that shared their faith and could represent the organization accurately and enthusiastically, along with a sophisticated background in fundraising. “We were very pleased with the number of qualified candidates Bell Oaks presented,” says Patricia. “Weekly calls kept us on-target, ensuring a good fit.”

EWTN also utilized their trusted, long-standing fundraising counsel, Nancy Peterman of Alexander Haas, in the interviewing process. Nancy is now an advocate for the firm: “Bell Oaks partnered with my client on executing a critical Development Executive search. My client’s unique culture required a national search to identify candidates who would fit their culture and excel in elevating and leading the overall development strategy. They found the right fundraising leader.”

Results: Hitting the Mark for a Delighted Client and Candidate Alike

It was a gratifying conclusion for EWTN to quickly have several qualified candidates and ultimately choose someone who met all the criteria of being committed to their Catholic faith, a genuine connection and appreciation for EWTN and its mission, and strong development and fundraising background.

In his own words, the new Vice President for Mission Advancement wrote that his first week had “been beyond my wildest expectations. EWTN is such a wonderful place, and I can’t tell you how happy I am to be here. Thank you again for all that you have done to make it possible for me to be in this amazing position in this amazing place.”


“The Bell Oaks experience was excellent: we had a great selection of candidates, with ultimately just the right fit for a high-level role, and it was a fast turnaround.”

– Michael Warsaw, President and CEO, EWTN Global Media Network

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