Huber: a Homerun Hire for a Department Overhaul

Objective: Identify a Senior-Level Candidate for a Major Transformation

When Lily Prost, Chief HR Officer for Huber, approached Todd Warshaw, Partner at Bell Oaks, to find candidates for a brand new Director of Global Corporate Communications position, it quickly became apparent that the ideal fit was an extra tall order. Huber is a 135-year-old, 2.5-billion dollar, family-owned company in the competitive Atlanta market with a very specific company culture. Beyond that, they needed someone who would play a key role in revolutionizing their entire corporate strategy to move into a modern way of communicating that matches a company of their size but utilizing a small team.

Lily says, “I needed to find not only a strategic-thinking visionary but someone who was also willing to roll up their sleeves and implement the changes alongside the team. And I needed a recruiter who would effectively communicate to candidates why this role was such an exciting opportunity to build a program from the ground up within a special company.”

Process: Understand the Fundamentals & Create a Comfortable Experience

Lily knew Todd from 10 years prior when she was in the reverse role of candidate and he the recruiter. They had remained in touch, so when it came time to find the best possible person to fill the role she was hiring, she already felt a level of trust. She says, “I did come across a couple other firms that specialized in communications and PR recruiting, but I wanted someone local I could meet with face-to-face. I was already familiar with Todd’s good synergy for HR, so I was willing to talk to him about it and found he knows communications really well too. I ultimately chose Bell Oaks because of their process.”

Lily needed to fill the position quickly and felt the Bell Oaks process was organized and fit well with her tight calendar, with scheduled phone calls and regular communication to keep her up-to-date throughout. She also appreciated Bell Oaks’ pricing model, which allowed her to feel comfortable with no surprises. “The experience has been very smooth and pleasant,” Lily says. “I feel they know my company and did their homework to understand my leadership style, our culture, and what kind of person we’d enjoy working with most.”

Results: Deliver a Perfect Match On-Schedule

Implementing major change can either be exciting or uncomfortable, depending on how it is presented. Within the first three months of the position, the new Director (who actually left another job to fill the role) was implementing projects that have already brought about measurable, positive changes. Her innovative perspectives and ability to foster relationships have helped peers on the team feel their strengths and creativity can truly be put to work. And…she really loves her job.

“All four top candidates checked all our boxes,” Lily says, “with one truly exceptional person we ultimately chose – which is a reflection of the quality Bell Oaks brings to the search experience. And they were received within the promised timeframe.” She was so pleased with the process and the hire that she’s now working with Bell Oaks on a search for another high-level position involving the competitive background of diversity and inclusion. She looks forward to another out-of-the-park experience.


“We needed to fill a brand new senior-level position to overhaul our communications department and rebuild our strategy from an almost-blank slate…no easy feat. Bell Oaks not only delivered just the right candidate who met all our criteria (and then some) but fulfilled everything they promised throughout the process. 

The Bell Oaks team is very conscientious and really hit the mark. It’s a true success story for everyone involved.”

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